Energy efficient homes' save you lots of money and keeps your indoor air quality  fresh. The latest national building code requires R-21. Ask you contractor what he is doing for your home. Chances are it is the same old inefficient R-19, with a plastic vapor barrier on the inside, which is litterally making your house rot from the inside out due to heat loss and condensaton building up inside the walls.  A modern home needs modern building solutions. These can also be applied to older homes during  restoration.



Renovation time is insulation time. Most homes are only between R-11 (2x4 walls) or R-19 (2x6 walls). This is not enough to make your home energy effeciant! We can get your home above R-24.


Every roof is unique. We figure out the best way to approach each building. Once your roof starts to leak, the wood begins to rot. It can years before signs of a leak are visible.


New Construction. Using the latest in insulation and framing technology, we build houses that save you money. 


From Framing to Finish, we do it all, eliminating the need and WAIT for sub-contractors.


We have out own in house electricians and plumbers so you don't have to wait to get into your dream home any longer than neccessary.


I have saved many camps over the years. Jacking and replacing the sills, floor joists and logs can be challenging and dangerous for the inexperienced. We have the tools and expertise to get your building on the level once again. 

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Roofing and Construction   




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